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it's feelings about you..

In 1988 in Tuscan, Alessio Mognini, a young boy with passion for the fur industry entered in a big firm called “Acropolis” in Florence.

As a result of his determination and creativity Alessio became the manager of this company. Thanks to work done with the help of important designers the company had made many conquests and received numerous acknowledgements over the course of the years. Production had been intensely extended and transferred to Greece. Alessio Mognini was the only responsible of this upcoming company.

As the years passed Alessio Mognini created his own company in Greece “Italy Fashion Furs”. The name of his company lightens his Italian origin. Now, in 2016, company renamed to "Alessio" in order to honor the owner of the company.

Alessio Furs, is a member of the Athens and Kastorian Association and place in the fair as a member every year. As a fashion industry, our goal is to continue to provide the hottest trends. Demand for real fur products continues to grow and Alessio Furs is at the forefront of new and exciting designs.

Another point worth mentioning concerning the competitive prices. How do we keep our prices so low? We offer products at factory direct prices in an attempt to maximize the value for the customer. Buying products directly from us means there is no middle man, no expensive advertising and no overhead like a typical store would have. This way we can offer our customers what they want at a price they will love. At this point we would like to thank you for your trust to us for years.

Alessio Furs values the satisfaction of our customers above anything else. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with customers, and strive to provide the best customer service available.

So that’s the reason we are stating the following phrase:
Alessio, is the name of progress in fur fashion..
..a name that ensures unmatched originality and exceptional quality of fur.


Alessio Furs

Manufactory & Showroom

Petra Local Area, Kastoria

[Dispilio to Kastoria Road]

52100, Greece

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Tel - Fax: +30 2467 0 87336

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